Longhop Wines—Core Range Rebrand

Longhop's wines are the unique outcome of resilience and that quintessential Australian attitude of helping out a mate. Through relentless conviction, determination and authenticity, Longhop thoughtfully capture the seductive character of these distinctive venerated regions they call home.

The winemaking team of Tim Freeland and Domenic Torzi source precious vines from the Adelaide Plains and Adelaide Hills' hamlet of Forreston. Coupled with their non-interventional approach to winemaking, Longhop wines are lush, generous and full of flavour.

Longhop Wines Range

Modern Classic

The charm of the old vine survival plantings, portrayed in illustration on embossed natural grain paper stock.

The fluvial landforms of the Adelaide Hills, expressed in watercolour and overlayed with embossed gold foil.

Longhop Wines Old Vine Grenache
Longhop Wines Old Vine Shiraz
Longhop Wines Watercourse Pinot Gris
Longhop Wines Ravine Riesling


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